Swiss IWC Ingenieur Vintage Replica

Over the years, IWC created some exceptional Ingenieur models which were more robust and more resistant to external influences IWC Ingenieur Vintage Replica.

All watches from Ingenieur Family are inspired by the Earth and they are intended for the challenges of nature in the 21st century. Each Ingenieur timepiece is superbly built and that is why the Ingenieur's name stands for ruggedness and endurance even under extreme conditions.

The very first Ingenieur, launched in 1955, established IWC's reputation for technical expertise. This outstanding timekeeper was equipped with the IWC-manufactured automatic movement housed in a soft-iron inner case for protection against magnetic fields. It wasn't famous until the early 1970s, when a diver's helmet inspired freelance watch designer Gerald Genta. His mission was to redesign the Ingenieur.

Honestly speaking, I do not really focus on one brand when collecting watches. In my opinion, you don't have to stick to one brand because there are just so many great watches out there. The replica Ingenieur Vintage watch is however the only watch I own.

The replica Ingenieur Vintage case with a bold design which had to be both sporty and maintain the technical appeal the brand had always stood for. From a design perspective, instead of trying to conceal the screws or functional bores, Genta left them plain for all to see on the bezel.

One of the stunningpoints of the replica Ingenieur watch is that it is a very nice classical looking watch. However, it is a little bit to thick and too large to be considered a dress watch. At the same time, to me it is also not a true tool watch, although it is was designed as such. In my opinion it is too elegant and beautiful to be just a functional instrument. Also, since its origin was to be a tool watch for engineers, the design was gradually adjusted for the broader public.

The tool watch design features give the replica Ingenieur a bit of a younger and more robust twist. For someone my age, a watch with all features of a dress watch is a little bit too formal to wear as an everyday watch.